The weird world

If am asked to give the definition of our world, all I will say is WEIRD; why because things are changing every seconds. We all know that time is the overseer of all things and this same time can also define what the world is like at a specific period of time.

Growing up can be so interesting due to some sort of childhood experiences but seeing the way things are going in our world now is just unusual to what I grew up to know, I’m flabbergasted to be honest; below are +/- phenomena that has left me dumbfounded…

Few to start with:

The type of experience kids is having growing up

The way people use to belief in family ties & bonds

The way people perceive relationships

The way people meets and method of conversations

The way people see themselves in connection with life

The way some invention and discoveries are emanating

The way some impossibilities have become possibilities

The way some possibilities has become impossibilities

The world leaders and government as a whole

The world political systems are messed up

The way political propaganda is now widely known

The places people use to find peace & solace are now carnage parks

The way Religions are now preached and spread by extremists

The way wars are being advertise on a daily basis in the world

The way news is no more news; because the media has nothing good to broadcast.

I’d like to leave the rest because I don’t really like talking about them, I will continue to stay positively alive as long as I have my being and I implore each and every one of you to adopt the same style of life. We must not be what the world want us to be, the best we can be is ourselves. We must live as an optimist with positive thinking, we must be humanist that preach and practice peace, love and harmony among people and treat other creatures good.

“No matter how worst the economy of the jungle; lion will never eat grass”

We will survive against all odds because we are created and destined to live in peace and harmony so as to discover a life worth living.


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