Something is going on around town

People are now going downtown

While some are just standing around

You all don’t want to go downtown

The chief is meeting with the thief

To devise robbery and looting

The neighbour’s daughter –

got impregnated by the teacher

The police violate citizens’ right

Even sometimes take citizens’ life

Worst is the situation in downtown

Its disastrous and scandalous!!

But I foresee a greater and better future in downtown


Something is going wrong in downtown

People are now moving downtown

The world is spinning round-round

The world is going downtown


People are now going uptown

With all it takes to get there

Embezzle and clean your sheet

They print, loot and share around

The priest is praying for the thief

Pioneer of religions are now extremists

Charity for gods and blood for the spirits

Still people don’t bother, instead –

They wait on the lord for salvation

People are slamming head on the ground

There is inflation, even on foodstuffs in town

In downtown, few people smile while more frown

But let’s hope & pray for better tomorrow in those town


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