Critical Question 4.0

I’d like to drop these below “critical questions” so as to make you engage in a short “critical thinking” in order to broaden your knowledge about our world, about nature and life as a whole to help you discover a life worth living.

  1. Is the creator really as described in the scriptures?
  2. Has the creator forsaken this planet earth?
  3. Can the human race truly heal & save this planet?
  4. Is it true that smallpox is the only disease eradicated during 5,000 years of recorded human history?
  5. Is human race the problem of this planet?
  6. Is human race cursed not to live in peace?
  7. How long will it take us to embrace ourselves as one?
  8. Why countries spend more on warhead?
  9. Why countries failed to eradicate poverty?
  10. Is this planet destined to live fast and die young?
  11. Why is it that politicians are victims of decision?
  12. Why governments’ war against indiscipline has turn into war against humanity?
  13. Is all that are happening not enough to make one sceptical about the future?
  14. What will be the future of our children?
  15. Who or what are the real tyrant in this planet?
  16. Can we just begin the world all over again?

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