A Beautiful Day With Success

I woke up early again this beautiful morning

I gaze at bright sky as the new day unfold

A great day starts with a good morning

I’ve got much to do with no time to withhold

I foresee a great day, a day full of joy and hope

Knowing today is a breakthrough to my success


So I started with affirmative prayer and I claimed:

The wisdom to understand where I came from

The inspiration and courage to proceed

Fresh motivation to belief in myself

And not to depend on somebody else

I claimed the spirit of self-motivation


So I set out knowing that success is insomniac

I will pursue it with no energy to withhold at all

I set out for success like a lion, hungry and insomniac

Because I know that if I snooze, I will lose it all

Success is mine but that virtue is restless; so I got to catch it

Good stuffs are so elusive, that why I got fight for it


I’m the master of my own destiny, I must succeed

I’m a god in my own right, I will command success

I vow to be restless during my pursue of success

I won’t retreat in my fight for success until I attain my greatness

I will be gallant and bold enough that success will like to fall in love

I’m confident success will cuddle me because I’m destined for greatness


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