Good Morning Make It a Great Day

I woke up early this morning

With a smile on my face

I say some affirmative prayers

In order to bless my morning


I stretch my body with quickie exercise

In order to set my heart on pace

I open my window and see another day

I am grateful to be among the living souls


It’s a beautiful day outside, a day full of hope

A day closer to my breakthrough & success

I vowed not to ask myself rhetorical questions:

When am I going to be who that I want to be


I’m confident and I surround myself with positivity

I don’t stress, I just breath and I believe that:

If it’s meant to be, it will find its way; but I got to act

Because, “a goal without plan & action is just a wish”.


Morning pals and I wish you all a blessed day and remember:

You will never have this day again; so make it count!!!


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