My Visit to The Sea

There was a time in my life when I think all hope were lost Nothing I could do to reshape my life; I was suicidal as if I have nothing left to lose. I became adventurous and I started daunting things I couldn’t kill.

One day I walked into the sea to find the force behind it that make it never dry, I went too deep and wide like I was drunk, I could feel the tide above my face and my tiny feet barely touch the ground; so I tried to close my eyes to get rid of the fear of what might happen. In a blink of an eye, I found myself in the innermost part of the water like never before whereas I couldn’t swim or do anything to save myself.

I summoned my courage and stay strong to see what am there to see but all of a sudden I felt something like a force pulling me so fast and I couldn’t resist, I could feel all that was happening underwater but all of a sudden; I lost consciousness.


Then the next thing I saw was myself on the beach after my little skinny ass has been washed up ashore, I can feel the sun frying my innocent puppy face while seagulls squawks endlessly. I sit up and think about much like: who pulled me so fast underwater, what happened after then, did I saw what wanted to see and who saved my ass? All remained history and mystery.

I was there engaging in a critical thinking while gazing at the sky, sun and water smooching themselves; that was amazing. So I quit staring at the horizon because the farther I look the less I could see, then I put myself together and walk back home as if nothing happened.

My purpose was to meet the spirit that govern the sea, so as to bless me to discover a life worth living but I experienced something entirely different.

My wild experience at the sea was far-fetched, sometime one need a change in scenery and experience to change ones’ life’s perspective and I also learnt my lesson though; Don’t daunt what you can’t kill.



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