The Purpose of Life


Have you ever take time to think about life to an extent you just found yourself in a labyrinth in the state of mind and all you could ask yourself is “what is the purpose of life?”. I was once in that situation and all I could figure out was that: “The purpose of life is to live on purpose”.

Living on purpose can be categorize into many different ways but I will mention the basic ones that affects everyone:

  • One major purpose of life is to be positively staying alive.
  • To appreciate the little you’ve got.
  • To be living in the present.
  • To be hoping for a better tomorrow.
  • To be self-compassionate.

Dealing with life experiences can be another rigorous process for we human but we just have to deal with them in order to discover a life worth living, so these are basic things we have to do:

  • Physical and mental health must be in good shape.
  • Setting life goals – (short, medium & long-term).
  • “Be tough on your goals but consider pleasant ways of achieving them”.
  • See your life in terms of progress, not perfection; by using (Be-Good mind-sets & Get-Better mind-sets)
  • Use progress principles & celebrate small wins.
  • Stop seeing yourself as a victim.
  • Learning must be a continuous process.
  • Living life is not about how far, but how well.
  • Build your confidence, courage, resilience, perseverance, tenacity & be optimistic.
  • “Hard times doesn’t last long, but hard people do”.

Being happy in life is another major virtue for every being and everyone will try just as much to achieve that, no one or nothing can make you happy; you’re the only one that can make yourself really happy.

  • “Being happy is a mind-set”
  • Be yourself and accept yourself for who you are.
  • Don’t quit any habit, just pick up another habit to get rid of that you don’t like.
  • Belief in this, “I don’t lose, is either I win or I learn”.
  • Surround yourself with positivity.

Making your life better is another crucial responsibility that is left to no one but you, only you can help make your life better to some certain extent to make you discover a life worth living.

  • Use the media wisely
  • Practice gratitude “gratitude is the best attitude”
  • Let go of things that are killing you
  • Try new things so as to recognize your potentials
  • Read more, write down for yourself & be positive.

The six human emotional needs to exist as human may vary but these are the basics:

  • Certainty & uncertainty
  • Significance
  • Love & Connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution
  • Motivation -> MAP: Mastery – Autonomy – Purpose.

Your thoughts really have a great influence on your life, that’s why you should maintain positive thinking always.


Making life easier for yourself is another responsibility that is left for no one but you, only you can make your life easier and stress-free because you must be in control of your life.


Conclusion: I want you to know that: –

“Death is not the greatest loss in life

The greatest loss is when life dies inside you while you’re alive

No one asked to be born into this life; that’s why it’s called gift of life

Life is a greatest phenomenon to everyone who is alive

So let’s celebrate this event called LIFE!!!” – Ajibola


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