Critical Questions 2.0

Here I come again with another version of “critical questions” so as to make you do a short “critical thinking” in order to broaden your knowledge about nature and life as whole.

  1. What do you understand by God?
  2. Does God know everything?
  3. Does God know exactly what will befall each of us?
  4. If knowing that, why does God knowingly allow some to be born into such suffering?
  5. Who or what created God?
  6. If God is self-created or has always existed, why can the same not also be said of the universe – thereby dispensing with God?
  7. How does one distinguish between a true religion and a false one?
  8. Can a true religion permit/condone stoning to death, or any death penalty?
  9. The differential treatment of men and women? The promise of heavenly reward for suicide attacks?
  10. The requirement that a church stands between man and his God?
  11. The sexual abstinence is a necessary precondition for serving God in some circumstances and so on?
  12. What is the fate of all those who lead exemplary lives and yet do not believe in God?
  13.  What is the best way to rid permanently the planet of religious extremism?
  14.  Why is there so much religion yet there’s so little love?

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