Bitter Truth to My People

They said we are free and colonization is the thing of the past but look around you my people, time is going by and we still can’t get it right. They said our land is the home of poverty and disease and we’re been treated like the second class citizens of the world. Our leaders are running around seeking help, when the solution are right there at home with us. The future of our land is in the hands of every man and women, young and old; every one of us as we share in the blame of the failure of our society.

The reasons why we are still deficient and backsliding is because – we are still slaves economically, politically and ideologically.


Our leaders always try to fix things from top to the ground, but the best way to fix it is from ground to the top, lasting changes begins from individual levels, because without love there can be no truth, justice and peace, we must turn our backs on selfishness and greed and go back to our culture of community, all for one and one for all; not just every man to his own. “Because a nation that cannot feed itself will always remain sub-servant to others”.

Another reason for our relapsing is because – we are still slaves to material wealth, religions and foreign ideals.


I believe that our land will be a great place someday in the near future, a place where dreams come true; yea. But our hope is in the children, let’s teach them to love their fellow men and never to judge anyone irrespective of who they are, teach them to be proud of our culture and the values of hard work and perseverance, honesty and humility. Teach them to be strong in love and never look down on themselves; Teach them to be strong and learn to hold their heads up wherever they may go.

Africans got to be free, we are now in the age of reason; God gave us logic, reason, and empiricism. We need more Secularists, Freethinkers, Rationalists and Humanists among us.


Let’s occupy!!!


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