Living A Limitless Life

You can never know how stronger you’re until life punch you straight in the face, collapse and you’re able to get back on your kneels, stand back on your feet, put yourself together and ready to fight back. But to see and live boundless life, we must pass some life’s rigorous tests which normally comes without notification and after we survive that high tide which is up to our neck with tidal waves rumbling above us, then we will learn our lessons and become stronger than before.

Life is a teacher that will never take you any class instead you will be given test by life and you will learn your lessons and gain life experiences during and after passing your given tests. After some life experiences, you will get to know that there is no limit out there, impossible is nothing, even the word “Impossible” says “I’m-possible”, isn’t that cute? You can do and become anything you want in life as long as you have the will.

Self-limiting thoughts and beliefs can be more killing than cancer, forget your background, family, education, nationality, beliefs and capabilities or any other things that can restrain you from achieving your goals. All you need to do is to focus on your imaginations and creativities, also don’t forget to dream big, once you can dream you can turn it into reality. When some people finally achieve their goals in life, they call it ‘dream come true’. We are masters of our destiny and we are gods in our own rights.

Life experiences can make us discover our inborn potentials and made us know that we are bigger and stronger than we ever imagined, that’s why its somehow good to step out of our comfort zones, be open-minded and not be scared to try out new things, life is a continuous learning process, we are never too old to learn and never too young to teach. That’s why we must continuously seek wisdom and knowledge so as to see life beyond limitations.

Some will say sky is the limit, if so whose footprints are there on the moon. Don’t move with the multitudes, live your life with your own philosophy and always put your principles over your feelings. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but no one has the right to their personal fact.

There’s no point in holding back ourselves, time or desire. Everything is out there, there’s no limit out there, there’s always something out there, you can be reaching out for anything if you try enough, you can’t imagine how higher you can fly and soar into the sky until you belief in yourself. Spread your legs, your arms and learn how to fly because every little birds must learn to fly sooner or later.

“Every birds seeks refuge when it is raining, but eagle evades rain by soaring above the clouds”

Life is under no obligation to be perfect to anybody, there will always be problems but the way we treat and deal with those problems is what matters. Another bitter truth is, there is difference between pain and suffering; pain will always persist as long as we live but suffering is a choice.

Don’t take advantage, instead take chance and where there’s no chance; create one. Let’s keep our heads up in life at all times no matter how complicated life can be, let us be glad, grateful and even be courageous enough to build our castle with those rocks that life has thrown at us.

Being successful is the greatest revenge in life!!!

“Sun and rain aren’t the same, but they both work together to make harmony in life” – Ajibola.


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