Shun! suicide

Suicide is not an option for any creature, most especially mankind ‘cos we’re born full of potentials and it will be of a greatest value for each of us to live up to our standards by making use of these potentials; they are free gifts that nature has given onto us since birth and we grow up detecting them and we ought to live and fully use them.

Anyone can have suicidal thoughts due to stress, emotional reasons, abuse of drugs or alcohol and finally mental illness, but as a human we are stronger enough to fight these thoughts of suicide or self-harm, we can talk to our family and friends or seek professional help.

Sometimes seeing is not believing as what we’re seeing can be deceiving, we are stronger than we thought and our capabilities are endless and unimaginable, but we can only know more about ourselves and started seeing our lives from different meaningful perspectives when we learn continuously, keep our minds engaged and surround ourselves with positivity and sometimes stepping out of our comfort zones; then we can detect our indomitable traits and also discover a meaningful life worth living.

We really need motivations and also learn to live for a purpose in tackling suicide thoughts, grief has a huge part in suicide thoughts and self-harm ‘cos we always think it gives us no reason to be alive, whereas grief always left us with two basic options if we dig deep into it and take a cursory look at it, but to get this second option we have to look fear in the eyes and kiss death on the lips; grief can only destroy someone or make one stronger.


Choosing suicide as an option is like a soldier that failed on his mission and give up his arms and surrender to his enemies due to fear, that predicament which he doesn’t wanted to face in the first place will then be his fate in bigger portion; that’s why we have to be strong and always keep our heads up everywhere we find ourselves in life.

Life is under no obligation to be perfect to anyone, life in the other hand never promise to give us all we want, that’s why we have to strive hard in possessing our stuffs, life can be a battle ground for the fittest at times that’s why we need courage, tenacity and perseverance; these traits were inborn but we need to build them up and summon them when needed.

It’s bad when disease took one’s life, as most of such happens due to negligence. It’s worse when someone else took one’s life, as most of such happens due to cowardice. The worst scenario is when one took his/her own life; and this happens out of negligence, cowardice & ignorance of the highest order.

‘Suicide is the greatest calamity that can befall mankind’ – Ajibola

Make use of motivations: Mastery – Autonomy – Purpose are really important to us and we must work and act well on them to live the good life we all aspire. Life seems perfect when we do more and become perfect in anything we do; life is also good when we are in control of our own life and knowing that all we are doing are for the purpose of living.

Let’s learn to live life like it’s perfect and make good use of our lifetime…


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