My Belief

I use to believe in my parents as a child, because they protected and provided me all the basic needs. When I was sick as a kid there’s no limits to what they did for me, I always thought they’re my savior and everything; but they told me that it was God that saved me.

Then I started believing in God that lives up in the sky, because that’s the path I was taught to follow, Until I found myself in some situations where I need God’s help and guidance but ’twas of no avail and all my efforts (I read all the said holy scriptures and try as much as I could to live a holy life, abstained from some things, trying to be fervent and perfect) seeking the ancient of days that lives up in the sky proved abortive; so as I was seeking to find God; I found myself instead.

After series of psychological warfare, I break free from all confusing man-made doctrines and dogmas of all the various “revealed”/hearsay religions, I became a freethinker and got into the path of atheist, I explored it and I got to know that it doesn’t worth it, I was agnostic for a short period of time and I pulled out; I continued on my findings and then I came out fresh being a deist (an intellectual spiritual being).

As I grow into my age of reason, I started believing in myself; and I got to know that “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?” So since I started believing in myself, my life seems better than it was, I seems cleverer and I see situations clearer, I acquired new perspectives in life, I learn to live for a purpose, and I’m living with reason; that’s how I discovered a life worth living.

I now belief in my innate God and I’m no more infidel or sinner, even if I did anything that go against my nature I do forgive myself and always learn from my mistakes, I inspires and motivates myself when needed and I often reassure my inner self to “be still and believe that I’m God” in moments of doubt or fear.

If I can break free and start believing my innate God then you can do it too, I now see God in greater, awesome and peaceful perspectives. I become an optimist, I believe in God based on ‘reason’ and I discover the life worth living, a life full of possibilities…

“The best victory story is the one written from the raging flames of adversity and miseries, because this is where resilience, perseverance and courage find root and succeed to positively influence the rest of one’s future endeavours”.

Here I am today living life with fullness of joy…

I’m strong because I know my weaknesses

I’m perfect because I know my flaws

I laugh because I’ve known sadness

I’m wise because I’ve been foolish.


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