Overcoming Fear

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm but at some points in life you must face your fears and fight till you lose your tears. Fear is nothing but illusion that is blocking you from seeing the reality.

Fear of death will get you killed by something least expected and death will terminate your biological functions one day whether you like it or not, no matter how careful you live, no matter how smart you try to run away from it in your lifetime; the bitter truth is that death is inevitable. Forget the fear of death and start living intentionally, human life is evaluated by how well not how far; death can only kill your physical body but not your soul.

Fear of confrontation, fear of saying “NO” and people pleasing attitudes will make you vulnerable to manipulation, manipulators will be able to spot you from miles away once they see that your buttons are showing, and once they play their tricks on you and it works, they will start pulling your strings and gain control over you. That’s why you need to be yourself, keep your head up wherever you found yourself and do your things in a way that satisfy your soul.

Fear of loss, mistakes and failure are another great one that prevent some people from achieving their goals in life. I believe that I can’t lose, is either I win or I learn. Sometimes you need to ask yourself when alone or while looking at yourself in the mirror “what am I scared of losing?” it may be comfort, security, control, money, companionship etc. After understanding what you are fearful of losing then you can ascertain if you are seeing the whole picture. Some are scared and always avoid decision making because of fear of what they might lose, that’s why it’s good to always ask yourself “what am I scared of losing?”, this will help you determine whether you are losing more by not doing what you really want to do.

Most terrible things that befall mankind comes out of fear, these include religions, wars, racism, extremism, sexism and lots more. If you fail to explore, take chances, try new things and take risks, you will just be one-sided and feeble-minded. Sometimes some risks are worth taking for you to achieve your purpose in life, sometimes you need to try new things just to know what they really are, also you need to explore and dig deep about some situations to widen your experience about life, you must take any opportunities that comes your way and seek any opportunities that you need; what will be will be, only if you try enough to make it happen.

The farther you look the less fear you will see, the moment you attempt to see beyond your fear, you must be ready to recognize if you are being stuck and if you will benefit from letting go of something or situation, at times what you think you need the most is what you are best without. The moment you start living without fear, you will start experiencing a wonderful fulfilled life.


3 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear

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