Finding God

I seek God to an extent I found myself instead, God is all around me; I can see and feel it. God is nature and nature is God, mankind and other creatures are parts of nature; we are Gods in our own right. Contrary to belief, God does not reside in the clouded sky, God merely dwells in clouded minds; God is in the detail.

God are the laws and forces of nature; laws of Nature are the principles which govern the natural phenomena of the world. Forces of nature are natural phenomena that humans cannot control, an event outside of human control for which no one can be held responsible, is also known as an ‘act of God’.

God is so complex in such a way that no human can interact with God. We can pray to God, that is when we are connecting to God through forces of nature which can be seen or feel, in this kind of prayer we say positive things and hope that they are done; this is affirmative prayer and our innate God will see us through as we are optimistic.

But fundamentalist and the pious like to say prayer of supplication which is asking God to do something substantial for them while waiting in vain for ages, saying such prayer is like talking to someone you know won’t talk back; God will not bend or break the laws and forces of nature for nobody.

Few times there can be a swift shift in the laws and forces that governs nature, which is kind of normal as “change is constant” but fundamentalist and pious called it miracle. I don’t belief in miracle or luck ‘cos I don’t see myself better than others, believing in luck will only make human a snob, bigot, racist and so on. So if good things happen in favour of those who belief in miracles & luck, they will say they are lucky and called the underprivileged unlucky.

God gave us reason, not hearsay mumbo-jumbo and its heresies, God is one for all and there are no God’s chosen, all creatures are the same in nature’s God’s perspective and we are Gods in our own right.


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