Wonderful Phenomena of Nature

Lightning-And-Rainbow-Atmospheric phenomena

I’ve been alive ever since I can remember…

I’ve heard the wind whistles
I’ve heard the wind moans
I’ve heard the wind roar
I’ve heard the wind groan

I’ve heard a river cries
I’ve heard a river groan
I’ve seen burning flame in the river
If you doubt me; I can bring the ashes

I’ve heard sounds of great thunderstorms
I’ve seen great thunder strikes
I’ve seen great thunder lightning
I’ve seen damages that results from thunderstorms

I’ve heard the birds sing
I’ve heard the trees whisper
I’ve seen the rainbow colour stays the same
I’ve seen bees making their honey, I’ve seen them sting

I’m still alive and will continue experiencing the amazing phenomena as long as I have my being. My wild experiences about nature God seems far-fetched but they are real. You also can experience God through nature; if you pay attention.



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