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Power of Now quote


Rock City

The amazing rock city
City of happy people
People live by the day
They hustle to survive

Leaders practice nepotism
Wealth is not distributed
Common man hustle daily
Just to get his fair share

Standard of living varies
From grandeur to slum
Food, shelter and attire
Are necessity in rock city

Optimism is the lifeblood
The endurance of the populace
Is rare to find in another city
They live in the now, while
Hoping for a better tomorrow

Life is infinite in rock city
The home of courageous people
The city is set on the rock
Nature blessed rock city.

Being Optimistic and Living in the Now

The joyful smile on your face doesn’t mean everything concerning you is perfect, but you have decided to look beyond the imperfections and be happy. The life you’re living may be even far from being perfect, but you have to be living it as if it’s perfect, you must be optimistic and be grateful for everything that you have, including the gift of life, knowing that when there is life, there is hope; being optimistic is the best way to live life.

There is nothing wrong with you, you might have not achieved everything that you want by now, but Nature will always provide you with all things that you ever truly needed. You must stay focused, knowing what you are aiming and living for, you must think less about everything and start living in the now, knowing that it is the moment for life. Live one day at a time and be optimistic for a better, wonderful and fulfilled tomorrow.

Monday Motivation: True Happiness Comes From Within

Sometimes it seems awkward when people say “they are in pursuit of happiness”. We are born happy and happiness is innate. Happiness is not a place, thing to run after or to be achieved. Happiness comes from within, “Seeking happiness outside of ourselves is like waiting for sunshine in a cave facing north” – Tibetan proverb.

No matter what your present situation is, you must have a reason to be happy still. Being happy just because – it can be anything, look around you, evaluate your life and be grateful for all you have got. Even if you have nothing to your name, being happy for the gift of life is a wonderful experience, “While there’s life, there’s hope” – Marcus Tullius Cicero.


Choosing to be happy will increase your overall productivity and keep your creative juice flowing always in your work life, you will be able to live more intentionally while doing more of the things you love. Happiness is a choice and you are responsible for your own happiness.

Happiness is not determined by what is happening around you, but rather what is happening inside you. Contentment and gratitude brings about happiness and if you are happy by yourself, you will experience great success in your life. Being grateful and optimistic always are the roots of happiness that brings success in life.

Start your Monday with grateful and optimistic mindset and have a great week ahead.


Monday Motivation: Cultivate & Maintain Positive Mindset


Cultivating positive thoughts
Maintaining positive mindset
Won’t only give you rest of mind
It will also make you feel blessed
It will keep your soul lifted
Finally, you will feel gifted.

Positive mindset will make you happy
It will increase your overall productivity
It keeps your creative juice flowing at work
You will feel gifted in all aspect of life.

Be courageous enough to stay positive
In all your endeavors in life
Impossible will change into I’m-possible
Good morning makes a great day
Stay blessed and I wish you all
A wonderful week ahead.

Lost in The Woods Pt. 2


Like a stray stallion absconding battlefield
I hit the ground running through the woods
Twice as fast I can feel my heart pounding
Beneath my ribcage I can feel the uproar
Gasping… I swim over crawl under
Dodgy and foggy is the main path
The path less traveled I took instead
Only few wayfarers I encountered
Through the sylvan glade I PUSH
Landed in a lush green and wooded dell
Vistas of sylvan charm soothes my soul
I can see the sky and what’s behind
Here I am – victory at last
To the gravel that get me here I give gratitude.

Persistence Beats Resistance

Success is what am living for, but throughout my life journey searching for external success, I have got more NO than YES, and those few YESES I have got are golden YESES. Those YESES are my remarkable success that I persevere to achieve despite many NOS which are failures; and through this experience, I knew that persistence beats resistance in all ways.

In the process of working towards achieving success in life, many people will say they are pushing, that PUSH is a verb, but also a great acronym that signify an amazing motivational phrase, PUSH – Persist Until Something Happens; that’s my definition of push in any endeavor that will bring about a remarkable success. Winners are not the people who never fail but people who never quit, you can join the league of successful people as well, but you must PUSH.

To be able to push while you are working towards achieving your goals, you must be courageous to be resilient, you must be confident and optimistic. Perseverance, determination and focus are the keys to universal success. If you can push while having a sharp vision of what you are aiming for in life, then success is a sure thing for you and your achievement is limitless.



How to Experience a Wonderful Fulfilled Life with Self-compassion

Good day happy people, I hope and trust you are all doing great. Today’s daily dose of inspirational motivation is a quick read and extract from the great man himself. I hope you get the dose of inspiration and motivation needed to get you all through the day; stay blessed and have a wonderful day.

“Fall in love again with your life and your dream. Take time to appreciate the brilliance, beauty, and magnificence of your own life. Never forget that you are an unrepeatable miracle! Great things are supposed to happen for you and through you. Care for yourself and nurture your vitality, energy and life force.

Silence your own unforgiving spirit and extreme self-criticism, that can steal your joy, harm your health and stunt your personal growth. Give up microwaved solutions to challenges and shortcuts to success. You can’t pull up a plant up from its roots to make it grow. The things that really matter in life take purposeful planning, time, love and care. Do your work, stay the course, live in the present and love yourself even more than you have in the past. You have GREATNESS within you!” – Les Brown.