4 Practical Ways to Attain Personal Freedom

Personal freedom is a lifeblood, it is one crucial factor that define human essence and everyone always dream of achieving it. Below are four ways to achieve personal freedom.

Be impeccable with your words
Your words are more powerful than you can ever imagine. Try as much as you can to be impeccable with your words and guide every speech that emanate from your mouth. There is energy in all words that comes out of your mouth and once you utter a speech it connects to the natural forces of the ether which will manifest it whether you like it or not. Whether you pray or curse, the power of word will surely manifest. If you can control and guide your tongue, it won’t get you into troubles.

Don’t take anything personally
It is not all about you, if you think so, you will be trapped by personal importance. If someone say “you’re the best or you’re the worst” don’t take it personal, they are just expressing their feelings at that moment; don’t get carried away by personal importance. Everyone live in a completely different world from the one you live in. When you take something personally, you accept that they know what is in your world. Some situation can be personal that someone insult you directly, it has nothing to do with you, it is about that person.

Don’t make assumptions
It is good not to have answers to everything and no one can know everything anyway. All humans have this issue of trying to be right or showing that they are more intelligent than others. I think this trait is embedded in human gene. As you are growing up, you must get rid of this trait and it is for your own good. Whether you know something or not let it be known if asked without hesitation, don’t play guess games. If you try not to make assumptions, there will be no drama in your life and you will stay out of troubles.

Always do your best
Above all, always try your best. Doing your best will make it possible to practice the other three habits constantly and they will become deeply ingrained behaviors for you. Just as you need courage to practice all other virtues constantly, so you need this fourth one to continually practice the above three. I knew you are only human and your best may be varied at times but as you build the habit of the four new principles, your best will become better than it used to be.

Positive Provocation – I am the master of my destiny!

The voices in my head are all mine
They are all products of my mind
I listen carefully to all my thoughts without judgement and I meditate on the positive ones with repetition until they are fixed in my subconscious mind.

Everyone in my dream is me
They are just me, myself and I
I know that dream is the mental picture of life. Dream is the portal for some unfinished emotions to escape and the raw emotions to reveal themselves.

My life situations can be random
I accept all circumstances as my fate
Knowing that I can never be given more than I can withstand. I will always be superior to my circumstances in life; no matter what the situation may be.

Self-enlightenment has renewed me
I became observer of my own thoughts
I became a lucid dreamer, I control my dreams
Sometimes I play the role of a spectator of my own life
I am knowledgeable on how to deal with all these issues of life.

I have ability to constructively utilize my innate energy and the energy around me
I can turn all the burning desire of my mind into their material equivalent
I can transform all the negative energy of life into positive vibes
I have mastered the art of living!

Old age

Old age is a wonderful source of ironies…
Grey hairs will sprung up on the head and the rest hairy parts of the body
Some said “grey hairs on the head is a crown of splendor”.
Back ache will occur frequently and the rest of the body parts will lose their strength. It’s a bitter truth that must be admitted as it’s a well known fact.

Biological clock is ticking to an end… Eyesight will become weak as a result of old age in most human. Sex life and activities will become dull and boring to many. Reproduction will become limited as reproductive organs will become weak to function. Older women will hit menopause, breasts and buttocks will sag. Older men will suffer erectile dysfunction; their ripped muscles will shrink and sag.

Wrinkles will cover the face at old age, jawbone will drop and become sagged
Some older folks will return to their infant kind of life, they will be scared of little things, speak like a child, loss of memories and so on. In some humans dotage happens to be their peak period of much wisdom and enlightenment. Banish the fear of old age, it is a natural time of transition and it is inevitable outcome for us all. I’m talking about those in their 70’s to 90’s. Old age is the last act of every human’s role-play in life.

Do not go gentle into that good night
Old age should burn and rave at close of day
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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Inspirational Motivation Thanksgiving

Inspirational Motivation Thanks

I can’t stand a hypocrite that’s why I can’t be one
I dislike manipulator that’s why I chose to be motivator

The attitude of gratitude is the major part of my doctrine
Gratitude is best attitude and I practice it always

I give much thanks to you readers, visitors & followers
for the love and support given to this great blog

Inspirational Motivation gives all due gratitude
knowing that without you there is no me or this blog

I vow to stay motivated while inspiring you all
I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous day!

Remain Positive and Focus on The Present

Life is meant to be live moving forward, and there are many ways of moving forward in life but just one way of standing still. Your present life is the product of your past experience, that is why you have to stay positive as you live. I won’t tell you to forget your past experience, for they are part of what made you who you are at this present moment. You can just think less about them and make peace with them; you can’t afford to be living in the past, it is one of the worst things you can do to yourself in life.

No one can move forward while looking back, you have to focus on the present and be optimistic about the future, make peace with your past, so it won’t affect your present or your future. Life is not short as you always say, you have much time to spend here in life, but you lose focus at times and spend your times on something that are not worthwhile. I implore you to stay focus on things that are worthwhile, like positively living in the present and working your way to greatness in the near future. You have to focus on your life goals and work towards achieving them with motivation.

Finally, you must be courageous to constantly practice all other virtues in life, courage to focus on the present and think less of the past, because you can’t change the past and the courage to continue working towards achieving your life goals without giving up. Remember, you’re superior to your circumstances and you are in control of your own destiny. I implore you to focus on living positively in the present and be optimistic about the future; you are god in your own right and you can create a wonderful fulfilled life.



Time is the overseer of all things
Some folks call it a great villain
because it takes away and changes things
Some folks think it is our best friend.

Time is the basis of our existence
it is the essence of our nature and life
it is the factor that calculate our lifespan
It has many other subordinates.

Time chieftains are:
Millennium, Century, Years,
Days, Nights, Hours, Minutes,
Seconds, Nano-seconds…

Some folks will say “Life it too short”
they are definitely referring to life-time
but life is not short and life-time is not
short either; focus is what they are lacking.

We have pretty much time to spend in life
but how we spend our times varies
and what we spend our precious times on
time is precious and is to be spent appropriately.

Time of your life is not short, you can achieve
much more than you think, all you need is focus.
Focus and be autonomous on how you spend your time,
focus and master how you spend your time;
focus and spend your time on a good purpose.

Knowing that time is so priceless and precious,
I implore you to spend your time wisely and
you will discover or create and experience
a wonderful and limitless-life.