Quote of the day



Taking Happiness Advantage to Succeed


Like a tingling feeling and sensation of
sneezing is what happens when
one finally achieve significant success.

Sighing will erupt from the tip of the toe
Run through the body and discharge
through all orifice in the head.

Some people usually shed tears of joy
Smile will force itself through sobbing
That’s a great sign of victory.

It’s happiness that brings success in life
There’s no need to pursue happiness
Happiness is innate.

Taking happiness advantage brings
about inspiration and motivation
needed to achieve success.

Dare to Stand Up for Yourself

Sometimes you must take from life that which belongs to you. In the journey to attain success, life may seem like a struggle, and when life pound you to the ground, will you get up right away and punch life in the face or curl up in a fetus position on the ground? When life seems to beat you down, dare to fight back; It takes courage to succeed in life.

Some hindrances are just inevitable during the quest for success, and the best you can do is to be courageous, resilient and optimistic to withstand those hindrances as they come. But they will eventually pass by. “Tough times don’t last longer but tough people do”. Your role is to play the hero of your own story and heroes are made through tears, sweat and blood. Therefore, do not bend nor succumb to those hindrances. The greatest achievers of all time are the ones that make history with the spirit of ‘let’s face it’.

Some people just want you to be good, but never want you to be better than them. That’s life and you surely know that; that’s why you must be soldier of yourself sometimes. Haters will talk, “Let ‘em say”. Just care less about them and don’t keep their thoughts in your mind in order to have some free mental space.

There are many successful people in the world that has been a victim of hatred, disappointment, setback, rejection, discrimination and so on, due to the people in their circle. But do you know one secret? Troubles are like washing machines that beat us down, hit us, spin and twist us all over, but in the end, we will come out brighter and sparkling.

The best you can do is to stand up for yourself, be yourself, and shine amongst those who never believed you could make it in life.

Dare to Start Today: Determination Beats Procrastination

Never leave for tomorrow what must be done today, lack of determination and procrastination can be more killing than cancer, that’s why you must act fast and accordingly on any set goal. Never wait until it’s too late, the little you can do at time may not be the best one, but half bread is better than none.

Remarkable success can be daunting to achieve, that’s why you must brace yourself properly in the quest to attain it. Remarkable success comes only with sacrifice and struggles, don’t waste your precious time seeking shortcuts; many have tried it, but it does not worth it.

Microwave solutions only works for a brief period, you can try it and you will see the how it is. Today is never too late to start working on how to achieve your big hairy audacious goal, lay a sturdy foundation to build your success upon and it will survive all weather.

A journey of thousand miles usually start with a step, today is never too late. Start preparing yourself for success today and go with a baby step, one step at a time and watch yourself setting remarkable landmarks and achieving your big hairy audacious goal in life.


Sunday Motivation: Be Optimistic and Live Intentionally

To grow in life we need a little change, and these changes doesn’t come easy, they usually come in unpleasant forms, but Nature has endowed us with innate strength to subsist, despite series of tidal waves we may encounter in life.

Most of the things that are crucial to our lives are determined by biology and culture, but the only way to take over the ownership of life is by learning to direct our psychic energy in line with our own intentions.

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward, when life is dragging you back with difficulties or unpleasant circumstances, it means it’s preparing to launch you into something great, all you have to do is to just stay focused and be optimistic; the courage to be optimistic and live intentionally will make you experience a wonderful fulfilled life.