Courage: Optimism in The Face of Adversity

Courage is all it takes in creating and maintaining positive mindset and remain optimistic despite all we are facing in life. Smiles and frowns, up and down are what makes the world go round. It takes courage to get rid of negativity in all its forms. Life is not static, Nature keeps evolving progressively. As human, we are born to be happy and not to be perfect and we ought to utilize the happiness advantage to be courageous enough to live a happy, successful and wonderful fulfilled life that we always aspire.

There was a certain time in my life when I have nothing to my name but family love, Still I have to look after myself so as to meet my needs, I woke up every day with no certainty of breakfast, it mostly turn into brunch if the chance of getting one came late and I sometimes bought meal on credit with the hope to pay before evening in order to get the next morning if need be. I got one jeans, couple of shirts which I always kept clean to be covering my nakedness and one pair of sandal, I hit the street early every morning being optimistic.

So with hope, courage and confidence I was living my life and things are working out good and I could see a bigger picture of a better future. Here I am today sharing my life experiences to make someone’s life better. My life is not perfect but I am grateful for all I have and still hoping for better future. My life is limitless, the future I was seeing then is my present life and am still foreseeing another future. Courage is the fuel of my being and I am using it towards achieving my goals and to approach all aspects of my life in general.

Don’t let the fear of what could happen paralyze your being, make proper use of your courage. Utilize your courage when necessary and you will experience a fulfilled life. As human, you are superior to your life’s circumstances, Courage is what makes human resilient to combat and triumph over life circumstances; Courage is what motivates you to be successful in life.

So, I implore you that are reading this to summon your courage, it is innate and you have to work towards building it up to its peak in order to be very useful for you in all your endeavours in life. Courage is the lifeblood of your existence, you really need it to survive and thrive in life. You are god in your own right and you are the master of your own destiny; all you need to do is to summon your courage to create and live a wonderful fulfilled life.

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Success

Reaching for success with great courage and resilience is the best choice for a human. If you are beginning to feel like the hassle of being successful in life is too much of a challenge for you, fear not, you have all it takes. It may be difficult at first, since you are used to the way you live your life. I implore you not to buy into conformity because it’s a strong force to overcome. Below are the stories of notable people that found success after choosing to step outside the box.

Glance Through Few Success Stories of People You May Recognize:

A mother, divorced and attending school to do better for herself and her children, decided to write a book while she was living on welfare and attempting to complete school. The book turned into a series, where people waited impatiently outside bookstores for midnight releases.
The series? – Harry Potter.
Her name is Joanne Rowling. Fans know her by her pen name J.K. Rowling. She is now a billionaire.

A college dropout wrote a novel, which was rejected by publishers. When it was finally accepted, it was not well received, so the author moved to Vietnam to teach English. The man then enlisted in the Army and was involved in action that resulted in him receiving two Purple Hearts. Following that experience, the man began creating films that landed him three Oscars.
The man? – Oliver Stone.
He created a lot of war-focused works, like Platoon, Natural Born Killers and Born on the Fourth of July.

An individual attempted close to 20 jobs, being fired from all of them, before he went on to create a franchise that rakes in untold amounts of profit from its 18,000 locations.
The franchise? – Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).
The entrepreneur? – Colonel Harland Sanders

A man helped start a business in a garage, got booted out of the business when it became super successful and watched it fall into ruin. He forced his way back in and brought that business back to being one of the top technology creators in the world.
His name? – Steve Jobs.
The company? – Apple.

I implore you to banish all sorts of conformism in your life, step out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. You are the master of your own destiny and you are god in your own right. Never think your ideas are silly because you are a creator that can make something out of nothing, you are born and endowed with unlimited potentials. Never give up on yourself or your goals, failure is opportunity for growth and setback is a success in disguise; the only time you fail is when you give up.

I implore and challenge you to unleash your innate potentials, be autonomous, work on mastery, find your purpose in life; you will be happy and successful in life and experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

(Credits goes to T. Whitmore for the short success stories)

Working Your Way To Greatness

If you can clearly see the vision, you should be able to set the mission and work on them without omission, then you will see your dreams coming true. All it takes are motivation and inspiration to continue without giving up on the way, to walk the journey of greatness in this 21st century world you need MAP: Mastery – Autonomy – Purpose.

You must plan, because a goal without a plan is just a mere wish and if you fail to plan, you’ve plan to fail. set your goals accordingly: short, medium and long term and if you work on them with honesty and pride; you will see your visions coming into reality.

Success if not given, it is to be attained. It won’t come to you at home where you sit down, you have to set out for it. You must give all it takes to achieve success in life. Greatness is not cheap to attain, you have to work hard for it, fight for it, with focus, tenacity and perseverance; you must be resilient when it comes to achieving greatness.

You are born to be great, but that is just a perk of being human, because every human being were born full of potentials. So to detect those potentials that some called gifts, sacrifices has to be made in form of time and practice, then inspiration to continue. Nobody can take you there but yourself, you just have to choose: how will you go, who will go with you and when you want to go on this journey of greatness.

But most are left to be done by you, because you’re the master of your own destiny, you are god in your own right and if you take your journey of greatness serious, you will succeed; and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

Creating a Wonderful Life with Vision


Vision is the art of vividly seeing things that are invisible to others
You can positively use vision to see the bigger pictures of life
You can positively use vision to foresee a brighter future
You can make the most of your life with vision & plan
Vision > Mission > Goal > Strategy > Action Plan
Because vision without mission is omission.

Life belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their vision
Dream bigger and have great imagination like the children
If you have the ability to dream, then you can achieve
Believe in the beauty of your dream and add effort
Then you will see your vision becoming reality.

You are the master of your own destiny
You are a god in your own right
You have all it takes within you
You must discover/create
You must experience
A wonderful life.

Positive Provocation: I Have a Vision of Greatness

As I woke up again this morning
I’m glad that my precious soul
is been preserved to see a new day
I’m grateful to be among the living souls
I’m glad for this realization, knowing that
As long as there is life, there is hope and
believing the best is yet to come, being an optimist.

I say some affirmative prayers
I released it onto forces of nature
I kept myself in meditation mode
As I was connecting to my source
I had a great vision of success
I serve as a spectator of my own life
I saw that I was born to be great
I saw all that I need to do to be great
In this vision, I was on a mission of greatness
I will be happy in life and achieve some greatness
I will be successful in my field of profession
I will have a partner that we will both love each other
We will both have children and raise a happy family.

I’m grateful that I am the master of my own destiny
I will work my ass off towards achieving my set goals
Because a vision without mission is just an omission
After all were seen, said and done; I will live my destiny
With splendour, I will age gently like a fine wine
I will always be happy in my life and here after.

Perks of Positive Mindset

I sleep hoping to see a new day
I pray & give thanks every day
I say prayer of affirmation
Instead of supplication

The little I’ve got I appreciate
So their value won’t depreciate
My life is a continuous process
So I give no chance for regress

I always celebrate my little wins
While working to achieve more
I only see myself succeeding in life
I don’t belief in failure in life

If I made a mistake, I’m not a loser
Failure is a success in disguise
I see it as opportunity for growth

No matter what happens
I always make myself happy
I always practice gratitude
Because it’s the best attitude